Founder member of Janasamskriti Dwarka PK Ravindranathan has been expelled

DWARIKA —– The Circular issued by Janasamskriti Central Committee that PK Ravindranathan has been expelled from Janasamskriti for “anti organizational activities”.

This has been done in an undemocratic and unceremonious way by not even bothering inform affected person or to hear our side of the story and without considering the complaint forwarded our chairperson on 14th May (copy enclosed).

We consider this as a political vendetta as PK Ravindranathan was expelled by CPI(M) in March 2016 for actively participating as its Core Member with a progressive association called Dwarka Collective conducting Dwarka Baat Cheet.

PK Ravindranathan is a founder member of Janasamskriti Dwarka celebrating 10th year anniversary now. He has been its Chairman, Secretary and Central Committee member for several years. At present he is the Vice Chairman of Janasamskriti Dwarka.

Apart from that PK Ravindranathan is, Secretary General Kerala Education Society managing four senior secondary governments aided linguistic minority schools in Delhi. He got a massive mandate from the members and well wishers of this society formed in 1957 and at present he is actively involved in getting rid of nepotism, corruption and uncivilized behavior from the canning road unit of the society.

We consider this as political vendetta and an onslaught on every kind of dissent. We strongly condemn PK Ravindranathan’s expulsion and submit our mass resignation from the executive committee of Janasamskriti Dwarka

The Executive Committee of Janasamskriti Dwarka

1. Arya Vasudevan (Chairperson) – Tel +919868139119
2. Anitha Sreekanth (Mahila Vedhi Convener) – Tel: +919871085522
3. Sreela Vinod (Mahila Vedhi Joint Convener) – Tel ++91 95822 21421
4. CN Narayanan (Joint treasurer) – Tel: +919810784359
5. Babu CK (Executive Member) – Tel : +919868925653
6. Vinod Kumar PV (Executive Member) Tel : +919582911625
7. Rema (Executive Member) – Tel : +919013365118
8. Valsamma John (Executive Member) – Tel: +919312530574
9. Geetha Devi (Executive Member) – Tel: +919821212291
10. Pramod Kumar (Executive Member) – Tel: +91 9810739377
11. Sameera Ashroff(Executive Member) – Tel : +91 9810146649
12. Hari Kumar (Executive Member) – Tel: +91 9818040768
13. Prasanth Gopalakrishnan (Executive Member) – Tel +91 8130365485
14. Susan John (Executive Member) – Tel : +91 9871075704
15. Adv Prasad (Executive Member) – Tel : ++91 98689 92851
16. Haridas ( Ex offico member) – Tel : +918447103220